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About Christine:

Christine loves kids. She loves them so much she had three of her own. They were wonderful girls, and lots of fun, but they all went and grew up. Fortunately, they had kids, too, so now Christine has four granddaughters to play with, take to the park, museums, the beach, etc.

Picture of ChristineThere is a very small town in Pennsylvania named Annville. In that little town is a wonderful place called Lebanon Valley College. After graduating from LVC with a BS in Elementary Education, Christine decided it was time to go to work. For over twenty years, Christine taught preschool and kindergarten. Substitute teaching was her next adventure. After meeting lots of great kids and teachers, she retired from teaching. But not from kids.

She always loved writing stories, even back in third grade when the teacher assigned the class to write a story using their spelling words. Everyone else groaned, but not Christine. She must have been the class bookworm. So, she started writing.

Shalara's Quest Book Cover Illustrated by Tabitha Mulhern Christine's oldest daughterIn 2003, Christine published her first novel. A middle grade medieval fantasy with castles and sorcery, it's also a book about deciding your own future. Ever had someone else make decisions for you? Shalara did. But she wanted to figure things out on her own. Take a look at Shalara's Quest right here.

Christine won First Place in the Children's Division of the Burlington Writer's Club Contest. Twice!

Christine is the fearless leader (also called the facilitator) of the Children's Writers of the Doorway to Adventure book cover. Writer's Group of the Triad. In 2010, they published an anthology with twenty-three stories and poems for kids. Take a look at Doorway to Adventure right here!

Her two favorite things to do are reading and writing.

What are some other things Christine likes? Traveling, photography, sewing, gardening, the beach, the mountains—the list goes on and on.

Most of all, she likes her husband, her two fat cats, and living in North Carolina.

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